I have lived in Alaska for forty years and had many fishing adventures. I came to Alaska from CT in 1979, with my husband.   I am a retired senior and live in Wasilla Alaska.  I love to do Art, I am a experience Seamstress and owned a small sewing shop in Big Lake Alaska.  I have two daughters one lives in Big Lake and the other daughter in Anchorage.  I love to go fishing, camping and gardening in the summer.  My Blog is about my fishing and camping adventures in Alaska.  Every post is true and that it really happened to me!  Eeach week I will be writing a new adventure or a post about Alaska.  I am sure you will like the post's in this Blog and my furture post's.  Please do not be shy about leaving me any coment's or any Question's you may have.  When you subscribe you will get first class infomation sent to your e-mail.  I might even send to you a Alaska Post Card!  Alaska is the Land of the Midnight Sun!


Fishing for Salmon is not hard all you need is a Salmon Pole, a 25lb test line, and some Pixie Hooks.  The Kings come in first at the end of May.  The best place to fish for the Kings is in Seward Alaska.  Seward is a three hour drive from Anchorage.  The drive is beautiful, there are pull offs you can go to. and watch for Whales.  They come from California to Alaska in the summer.  You might see Dale Sheep on the side of the road grazing.  When you arive in Seward you will see alot of fishing boats.  Seward is a fishing town and you can charter a fishing boat or fish from shore!  If you charter a boat bring warm clothes and a light jacket.  Alaska's weather can change sudenly. and it can get windy.  All the fishing gear is on the boat and sometimes they give you lunch, but it is also good to bring snacks too,  

Going there you will see Sea Lion's laying on the rocks, and Dalphins that come right to the boat.  You even might see a Whale or two, and you will see Puffin Birds on the rocks and of course Sea Gulls, lot's of them.  Besides going fishing for Salmon there is Halibut fishing too!  I once caught a 90lb Halibut and my husband had to bring the fish in!  I won some money too for catching the biggest fish!  There are also Cod fish you might catch, they are pretty ugly! 

Seward also has small shops one can get Alaska. items.  Because it is a fishing town there are places to eat that serve fresh fish.  Seward has hotels but it is best to make a reservation first.  You can go camping if you choose do so.  Once I and my girl friend decided to go to Seward to fish and we caught an end of a Typhoon.  Trees were knocked down and it was raining very hard!  We did not go fishing and we were lucky to find a motel room, but we still had a good time.

Another place you can go to is up North to Willow!  It is another 2 hour drive there but a very beautiful drive too!  Sleeping Lany Mountain is in the background and you might see a Moose.  Willow Camp ground get's very crowded so it is best to go early.  Every one is fishing for King's and sometimes it can get combat fishing. But if you wait your turn then all will be well.  One time my son in law caught a 55lb king, they can weigh up to 75lbs.  By the time he brought the fish in he was tired but he had a good time!  There are no Bears at Willow because there are alot of people.  But is best to get Pepper Spray any way!  You can by it at any depatment store.  Fishing is a great sport and there is nothing like having a King on your line!



One day in July my husband's brother called and wanted to know if we would like to go fishing.  He said yes to him, " I asked where are we going fishing".  My husband told me at Eklutna Lake, I looked at him and said "Honey that lake is fed by a Glacier, and the water is ice cold"!  He told me we are taking the canoe and his brother's small boat.  I felt the water was too cold, I asked my husband if we can go to another lake?  He told me his brother wanted  to go there because there are large fish in the lake.  I really did not think this was a good idea.  But I decided to go any way because all of us were going.  When we were ready, I put the dog's in the car and we went to their home.  When we arrived to thier home, all of us took a seat in his camper.  

Off we went to Eklutna Lake and the start of our adventure!  We reached the road leading into the Lake, the ride was bumpy.  When  we finally arrived at the Lake I seighed a bit and glad we were all safe!  The men got the boats from the top of the camper.  We put the fishing gear in the boat's and sailed off.  I and my husband rowed to the middle of the lake.  We put bait on the hooks and caste the line's into the water.  We were fishing for a hour when we saw the dogs wanted to go to shore.  We rowed to the shore line and we did exit the canoe.  We let the dogs jump out onto the land and do their business.  They always stay close to us and do not run away, we all had a swell time just enjoying the nice day.  About an hour we called the dogs we have (Toy Poodles), they ran into the canoe.  We got into the canoe and started rowing we got fifty feet frtom the shore.  When all at once the wind started blowing, at that point we knew we should go to the camper!

I was getting scared for all of us because we would row and the wind would blow us backward's.  I knew the water was Ice Cold and if we should capsize we would drown.  My one dog can not swim, she sank.  My husband said to me row harder I tried but to no avail!  We decided the best thing to do is to stay about ten feet from shore.  This way if we did caapsize we would swim fast to the shore!  We rowed for about an hour or so I was getting very tired!  I needed a break.  My husband let me take a break while he rowed and rowed.  I got my strenth back and joined in again to help him row.  I was praying we all would get to the camper safe.  Finally I could see his brother waveing at us to come to shore!  We were inching closer and closer to safety, and finally was at the shore!  My husband banked the canoe, I and the dogs went to shore.  

I thanked the good Lord we all were safe and going home.  The men put the boat's on the camper and we all got to go home safe!  The drive home was good and it was a good day for all of us.  The sun was shinning and we were all in a good mood.  We finally arrived home, and the two men got the boat's from the camper.  My husband put the canoe on the car and we headed home.  When we were home I gave our Toy Poodles a bath and dried them off.  Then I took a shower too, I was in seven heaven.  I then made coffee and sat down with a cup.  I called to my husband if he wanted some, so he joined me too.  Then I told him, never expect me and the dogs to go there fishing.  Not when the water is Ice Cold and we could have died!  He looked at me and said "Never again Honey and I am sorry that we were in danger".  I told him the good Lord was with us and that is what saved us!  "He said "I know we will not go there again".   Needless to say we never did go to Eklutna Lake again! 


THE LEACH ON ME!                                                


It was the second week of July, the Sun was shining at it's best!  I was baby sitting my grand daughter and she wanted to go swimming.  My husband was home so I asked him if he wanted to go too.  He said he would go swimming with us.  I quickly made lunch to take with us, and put it in the car.  My grand daughter put the towls in the car, while I gathered the rest of the items.  My husband gathered the other items and put them in the car.  We were finally ready to go up north to the lake.  To get to the lake he had to drive thirty minutes.   He turned onto a dirt road leading to Nancy Lake!  He parked the car, but we had a small walk to the lake and we walked down a slight hill.  We finally came to the lake, I tested the water and it was fairly warm.  We all went into the warm water, my husband brought a floating tire and was on it.  My grand daughter went to the tire my husband was on.  I was Snorkeling and having a great time too!  We were in the water for about two hours.  When my grand daughter came to me and I saw that she was cold.  I yelled to my husband and told him we need to go!  He swam to us and I told him we were cold.  We reached the muddy shore and I quickly put a towl on my grand daughter.  I was a little cold my self but I had to take care of her,

It was muddy but I helped my grand daughter get dressed, and then I got dressed.  My husband got out of his wet swim suit and into his dry shorts.  We walked on the muddy ground to the car.  My husband put all our things into the car for the ride home.  He drove and decided to stop at Miller's Ice Cream store.  We told my husband what we wanted and he went to buy the ice cream.  He came with the ice cream and we all enjoyed eating it.  When we finished eating my husband drove the ten miles home.  Finally we were home, we all went into the house and I went to get to the bedroom.  As I was taking my cloth's off I noticed a big fat Leach on my toe!  I yelled so loud and I was crying at the same time.  My husband and grand daughter ran to me.  I pointed at my toe that had the Leach on, I was yelling to get the Leach off!  My husband ran to get the salt and my grand daughter stayed with me.  All the while I wanted the Leach off me!  With the salt in my husband's hand he drowned the Leach and finally the Leach was off!  The Leach was on my toe a long time sucking my blood and it got fat!  We never did go back to swim in that lake!  And I never want another Leach on my body sucking my blood!



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