Before the Salmon come there are many Dalfin Smelt fish!  They come from the ocean and swim up rivers.  The Dalfin Smelt are only 6inches long, to fish for them all you need is a long handle net!  It is wise to bring a ice chest, and ice for when you catch the fish.  I went fishing for them once, I put my net into the water and I got many fish! Then I decided to go to my girl frind's home, when I arived there she was at home.  I told her about the fish and she wanted to go back up to Willow.  We drove to Willow, went to the river and put our nets into the water.  We got many fish, we put them in the Cooler and kept on fishing.  When the Cooler was filled we went to the car and I drove home.  My husband came home and we showed all the Smelt we caught.  When he saw them he yelled "why did you do that for"?  We told him we had fun catching them!  He told us we had to clean each one.  I and my girl friend looked at each other and I "told her we had a long night"!  We stayed up all night cleaning fish and processing them!

The Dalfin Smelt are also called candle fish because they are small.  They also have alot of fat too, but they are tasty when you dip them in batter and fry them.  I always cook them that way and my family likes them.  They also can be smoked or caned, eather way they will be good to eat.     

The Dalfin Smelt are fast swimmer's and they swim in a pod.  The females can lay about twenty thousand egg's.  That is alot of egg's for one tiny fish to lay! That is why there are many of them, Alaska Fish and Game regulates comercial fishing.  Comercial fishing can only harvest what Fish and Game allows!  If they harvest over what is allowed they can loose their fishing license!  The Sport Fisher Man can only get their limit too or the same there license is lost too.