The Mooses are Looses!

In June my sister and her daughter came to visit us.  I went to Anchorage airport to pick them up.  My sister was here before but not her daughter.  It was a great drive the sun was shinning and I could not wait to see her!  I finally arrived at the airport, I parked the car and walked to the lobby.  I waited a little while and then I saw them walking towards me!  We kissed and huged each other and then retrieved their luggage. The trip was a long one for them and they were tired.  We put the luggage in my car and I drove to my home in Wasilla.  We talked and had a good time catching up on every thing.  We finally arrived at my home, we went in and had a cup of coffee! A little while later my husband arrived, he jus had gotten home from work.  I had dinner all planed and we would eat at 7:00p.m.  I was cooking a roast, mashed potatoes and salad.  My sister and her daughter went into my guest room to rest.  

I like to cook for people and I was having a good time cooking.  My husband helped with the roast and set the table.  I knocked on the guest room door and let my sister know dinner was ready.  We ate and had a good meal, all of us were hungry.  Every one really liked dinner and I was happy they liked the meal.  It was getting late and we decided we better get some sleep.  The next morning over coffee we dediced to go up north.  We left and when we arrived at Milers Ice cream we stoped and had some of there best ice cream!  We were going to Talkeetna.  To get there it would be a two hour drive, but it is worth it.  Going there is alot of fun and the restaurant's have great food.  When we arrived there we went to eat, and then had coffee.  We left the restaurant and went in the little shops.  My sister bought some nice things and I did too.  There is allot to see and do in Talkeetna and we were only there for a few hours.  We had a great time and it all ended because we had to go home.  When we got home, we were prety tired from all the walking we did.  We sat around the table had coffee and went to bed.

The next day we stayed home, we went into town and I took them shopping.  After shopping we were going home, my husband was driving and going down the road.  There were three Moose, a Mom her Calf, and a Male Moose.  My sister wanted to take pictures so my husband pulled the car over.  The calf decided to cross the road Mom ran after her calf.  I thought they were going to get run over by a car.  Car's did stop and both Moose were safe, I was so glad they were safe!  The Male Moose was just fifty feet from our car.  My sister's daughter got out of the car and I ran after her.  She wanted to take pictures but the Moose did not like her there!  I walked up to her and told her we better go and that the Moose is confused.  Just when I said that the Moose ran and was chasing us!  We both ran as fast as we could and we got into the car.  The Moose was mad and he ran past the car and almost ramed the car!  My husband was upset he yelled at me and said I should know better than that!  I was all shaken up and he said he was sorry but he did not want anything happen to us.  He started the car and drove the seven miles home.

When we got home I had a talk with my sister's daughter.  I told her these are wild animals and they are unpredictable.  I told her that we were very lucky that the Moose did not stab us with his antler's!  I also told her that she might see more Moose but next time she will stay in the car!  She told me that she will stay in the car and that she did not want to get hurt!  I said to her that is great and I asked her where does she want to go tomorow?  She told me she wanted to go to Anchorage and do some shopping.  So the next day we all went to Anchorage and had a great time.