In Alaska there are Bears!  There are Black Bears, Brown Bears and in Kodiak Grizly Bears!  The Grizly Bears are very huge, they have huge claws and teeth!  Any Bear is not to be taken lightly or you might die!  In South Central there are mostly Black Bears!  The Black Bears scare easily, but not if they have Cubs!  Brown bears do not scare easily and can kill you!  Before you go in the woods you should buy Pepper Spray or carry a hand gun.  Pepper Spary is bought from any department store or sporting good store!  It is better to be safe than sorry!

One time I was in Talkeetna with my family and a young Black Bear came 10 feet in front of us!  I had my Toy Poodle and he ran in back of me and hid!  I, my daughter and Grand daughter did not say any thing.  We looked at the bear and the bear looked at us, the bear decided to run away!  The good lord was with us that sunny day in June!  I will never forget that we could have gotten killed!  But we did not startle the bear and that is why it ran away.  If you come in close contact with a bear DO NOT RUN! The bear is faster than you and it can catch you or kill you.  Pepper Spray will chase the bear away, or a hand gun!  It is best you do not go into the woods alone.  You can buy plastic ribbon in any department store.  You can ask a clerk at the store or go to the sporting goods store.  The hunters use the ribbon to tye on the trees so you will not get lost.  Also it is wise to always take a compass with you.  Always carry your cell phone but some times you will not be able to get a signal.  Alaska is a great place but a dangerous one too!  You have to be observant of your suroundings and you will be fine!

One time in Houston Alaska yes there is a Houston, my daughter was camping there.  A brown bear came into her camp site.  Luckly she was in her car, she watched the bear go away.  When the bear went away she quickly took down camp.  She put her camping things in the car and left.  Well she and I went to another camp grounmd.  We knew there were no bears there.  We camped and had a good time and we never went to camp at Houston Camp Gound!