The Mad Beaver!

One sunny afternoon I, my husband, and daughter wanted to go up North to South Riley Lake.  We just bought a new camper and could not wait to camp in it.  We loaded the camper with our belongings and we drove to get my daughter.  My daughter had all her belongings ready and she put them in the SUV.  It was an hour's drive to the lake, the sun was shinning into the SUV.  We knew it would be a great day for camping and fishing!  We fiannly got to the lake, we found a nice camping spot to park the camper.  We put the camper awning out and some chairs to sit on.  We built a nice fire and brewed coffee, we talked and had a good time!  Later that day we decided to go fishing, for Rainbow Trout!

We had small rubber boats, we put them in the water along with the fishing gear.  I set out in one and my husband with the other.  We rowed to the middle of the lake and fished but did not catch a fish.  We decided to row to another place closer to shore.  It took us a little while, and we settled on a nice place.  We were getting bites but no taker's, it was getting late so we begain rowing back to shore.  My husband rowed faster than I but I did try to catch up with him!

 I am rowing and rowing trying to catch up with him but could not!  Sudenly I looked and thought I saw somehing so I went to investigate.  I finally got to the place and I saw brown fur swimming off in the distance.  I decided to go close and see what it is swimming in the water.  Well I came to a Beaver Dam it was a big one, and suddenly there was the Beaver!  The Beaver saw me and it did not like me being there at all.  The beaver ducked and went under the water and with his tail he slapped it on the water!  He startled me and the Beaver was moving closer to me.  He took his tail again and slapped his tail on the water.  He did this a few times, I thought he was going to come out of the water and attack me!  Or tip the boat over, if the Beaver did that it would be devistation!  The water was cold and I could have drowned if the Beaver did that.   

In the mean time I could see my daughter waveing at me!  She wanted me to come to shore right a way.  She herd the comotion and she wanted to know what it was all about!  I waved at her that I was comming to shore and if she would help me with the boat.  I finally reached the sore line and was all shaken up.  My daughter said to me what the heck happend to me.  I told her about the Beaver attack and she said "The Beaver attacked you"?  I told her yes.  I told her how, she thought it was funny!  We walked to the camp site with the boat and fishing gear.

When we arived at the camp site my husband asked me why did it take me so long.  I told him that a Beaver attacked me, Oh Boy he thought it was funny!  He said "How could this happend to me"!  I told him the Beaver got mad at me because I was a intrudder!  "Wow are you alright"?  I said "A little shaken up but I am fine",  then both of them started laughing and I laughed too!  I will never go close to a Beaver dam again!