Nothing But Mud?

It was June I and my husband decided to go fishing.  We talked and decided to go to Sheep Creek just outside of Anchorage.  When fishing there you have to fish at low tide.  We put all the fishing gear in the car and drove to Sheep Creek.  It was a hour's drive from our home in Wasilla Alaska!  When we arrived at the creek we saw people catching fish.  We found a good spot to put our fishing gear down.  We took our fishing poles and made a cast way into the water.  I did get a few bites, but then I heard my husband yell Fish On!  I grabed the net and waited untill the Salmon was were I could net it.  It was a nice Salmon, I put the fish in the Ice cooler.  I proceedid to fish, and in a short while I had a salmon on my line!

I was having a great time fishing for about a hour when my husband waved to me and pointed to his watch!  I put my fishing pole down and was going to walk to him.  I waved to him signaling to him please come to me.  He ran over to me and that was when I told him my boots was stuck in the mud!  He told me to try and wiggle my feet to get them loose.  I did what he told me to do but nothing happend!  I was Stuck In The Mud, so he bent down and wiggled my boots.  He said you are really stuck, so I asked him what am I going to do?  He told me the only thing we can do is leave you here!  I looked at him and said "HECK NO"!  Then he told me to take my feet out of the boots.  Why didn't I think of that!  So that is what I did and now I was bare foot.  Great I hate muddy feet, but I had no choice in the matter.  My husband took the boots out of the mud and we caried all the gear back to the car.

When fishing at Sheep Creek you have to fish at low tide!  Alaska has Bore Tides, that come in all at once!  We had to leave because the high tide was comming in!  People go out to fish in the Inlet on low tide and get stuck in the Mud!  The mud is like Quick Sand it sucks you in and you can not get out.  When the high tide comes in, you drown, that is why I had to go bare foot.  At least we had a few Salmon out of ordeal.  We put our gear in the car and started the drive home.  I was able to rinse off my muddy feet and dry them.  We made the long ride home, when we did get home I was happy!  I will never forget the day when I Got Stuck In The Mudd!  We didn't fish there again, we decided it was to dangerous!