Chevy and the Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles are plentifull in Alaska!  They are found in many coastal areas in Alaska.  They are an American icon and are not to be hunted! The Bald Eagles are preditars and they love fish!  They swoop into the water to get the fish and take the fish on shore.  With their sharp beaks and sharp claws they rip the fish apart and eat it.  They also will hunt for small mice and rodents.  Young Bald Eagles do not get the white on there heads untill they are five years old.  In Alaska the Bald Eagles can cause some trouble!

My daughter lives in Big Lake Alaska and next to Fish Creek!  There are many fish in the creek so the birds hang around there!  One time my daughter tied her dog out side to do his business.  My daughter looked out her window and noticed a Bald Eagle flying around.  Her dog a half Pit Bull was minding his own business.  The Bald Eagle must have seen that there was dog food in the dish.  This made the bird curious and decided to investigate what was in the dish.  Then sudenly the Bald Eagle swooped down and got close to Chevy!  My daughter ran out of the house and couldn't beleive what she was seeing!  Chevy jumped way up in the air and almost caught the Bald Eagle!  The bird got scared and flew away from Chevy very fast.  My daughter breathed a sigh of releif that Chevy did not hurt or kill the bird.  Chevy is fast but the Bald Eagle is faster thank God!  If Chevy hurt or killed the bird my daughter would have had to call Fish & Game.  She was so glad the bird flew away and  all was well!

Bald Eagles have known to cary a small dog, like my Toy Poodle off.  So when there is any Eagles around I make sure my dog is safe!  If a Eagle has a small animal larger than a small mouse it will not be able to carry it a long distance.  But with the birds beak and claws there is no way I would put my dog in danger.  I love him very much and if some thing happen's to him I would be devastated!  Most people in Alaska know this and keep the small dogs safe.  But some one visting this state does not.  So guys if you visit Alaska and you have a small animal be aware!  If you see a Bald Eagle do not take a chance and let the animal outside.  When I was tent camping I put my dog in the tent.  Large animales are no prroblem when a Eagle is present.  Chevy could have gotten hurt by the Eagle!  Thank God he did not get hurt and all was fine! 

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