One day my daughter called me and said she will be going Clam Digging with her friends.  She was all excited to go but they needed some fire wood!  I let her know that she can come over to get some fire wood, for the camping trip.  I did not expect they would come with a big trailer.  They loaded the fire wood on the trailer and in turn they would give me some Clams!  I asked my daughter if I and my husband can go too!  She told me that would be fine and she would call me with the directions.  The next day she called and gave directions to my husband.  He came home that night, we talked and made plan's to go Clam Digging. 

The next morning I was not feeling well but I managed to get every thing together.  I also baked cookies and put snack's together for the trip.  All I had to do is to put the camping gear in the car.  I then waited for my husband to come home from work.  I took the time to relax and fell a sleep.  I woke up when he came home and touched my shoulder.  He asked me if I was feeling ok and I told him yes, I was just tired!  I told him the camping gear is in the car and all he had to do is take a shower.  We finally were able too take the long trip to Kenai.  The drive would be three hours but my husband took the wrong turn.  I sudenly looked out the car window and knew we were going the wrong way.  I told him we were going the wrong way and he needed to turn back.  He did so and drove another ten miles back and, finally we reached our destanation.  

Every one was glad we were at the camp site safe!  We sat by the fire and talked for a while, but then I felt worse.  My husband put the tent up and our sleeping bags, and pillows.  I felt worse so I went to bed and my husband did so too.  The next morning we atre breakfast, and all the guys got together to go Clamming.  Us girls stayed at the camp site to keep the fire going.  It was rainy and cold, so we decided to cook soup for dinner.  The guys were gone a long time and we were getting worried.  I went to take a nape because I had a cold and was tired.  Sudenly my daughter woke me up yelling Mom Mom!  I asked her what was wrong?  She told me we have to go and find the guys!  I said to her shouldn't they be here!  She told me they are not here and that we need to find them.  I told her ok we will try to find them!  I was not sure if I should drive the car or walk!  We decided to take the car and park it then if we needed to walk to find them we would!

I drove to the place I thought they would be at, but I did not see any sign of them!  So I drove to another place and parked the car.  We got out of the car and staarted walking.  My daughter lead the way, and we walked and walked.  I said to her I was getting tired and because I have a cold maybe we should go to the car!  No sooner than I said it, there they were.  We ran to them and saw why they were not at the camp site.  They drove and the vehicles were now stuck in the mud.  Well, we all knew the high tide will soon come in and they would not have their vehicles.  They were tired but, they had to try and free the vehicles!  I told them we needed help but they insisted they did not.  My daughter and I looked at each other and we knew they needed more help!  That is when we started to walk back to the car to round up more help!  We yelled help help!  Then we saw a few guys running to us!  We told them the guys were stuck and they needed help.  They told us to go to the car and stay there!  We walked to the car and the other men took off to help our guys.  It seemed like hours, but then we heard noices and discovered the guys comming to us!  With the help of the other guys all the vehicles were free.  We all were yelling Yay and hugging each other!  When we reached the camp site our friend was so glad to see us!  We told her what happen and that we were all safe!  Needless to say we never went Clam Digging there again!